This was one of those five minute shows at the end of children's TV every day (for a while) in about 1979 I think. Ludwig was shaped like a large cut diamond with arms and legs and it had a lot of contraptions and talked to the birds - very surreal!



He was shaped like an egg, and could sprout any number of contraptions from inside his eggy body- mechanical arms & legs, wheels, helicopter rotors, and goodness knows what else. He was always helping his wildlife friends out of trouble of some kind or another.
He was observed by a bird-watcher in a deerstalker hat, who hid behind a bush and watched him through a apir of binoculars.
Roxxy23-Dec-2011, 12:41:55 AM

It was totally bonkers, but I think Ludwig was supposed to be a robot from outer space who happened to like Beethoven's music. The fact that it was set in a forest amongst woodland creatures probably suggested some socialistic constructionistic twaddle!
scotchmist07-Mar-2009, 12:18:11 AM

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