Major Morgan

Major Morgan was a hand-held electric organ with music cards that you could place on the front and make music with. I had one when I was younger and found it very hard to use. Major Morgan came with around 10 music cards and was shaped like an an army Major.

When you slotted a card into Major Morgan the top section had a series of different coloured shapes or numbers in what looked like a random sequence. However, the shapes or colours in the bottom half of Major Morgan, when pressed according to the key sequence would make a tune. Each card was double sided so would contain two songs. However, there was also a blank card so you could make up your own card and record the key sequence.



I loved Major Morgan when i was little, I took mine everywhere with me and thought I was a proper little musicmaker. I was telling my son about it yesterday and would love to show him one, I have just looked and found one on ebay, I ope he likes it as much as his moma did but I doub it now when he is never off his xbox.
kelslsd21-Apr-2013, 03:55:27 PM

I had a major morgan as a young girl,an I loved it,however,my mum must have throw it away at some point,but at christmas time I bought one off e-bay for my little girl, and she loves it, it came in its original box, and 5 playing cards...who knows it may be worth sonthing one day...!
pgrady7605-Jul-2010, 05:52:14 PM

WOW, I loved my Major Morgan, it was such a great toy, I had forgotten abou this toy until I found it on here, I still have all my stuff at my mums house and when I next go round there, I am gonna look for my Major Morgan and have a go on it again, after all these years.
80stvfreak15-Sep-2008, 02:16:28 AM

I had a major morgan and loved playing London bridge is falling down. My sister bought one at a car boot sale the other day and it bought back lots of memories
Bambi Jayne28-Aug-2008, 11:36:36 AM

after watchin a program on bbc2 on top toys with james may, he showed the Major Morgan it bought back memorys and wanted to know if there still avaliable?
baby23080223-Dec-2007, 08:00:44 PM

Thank you so much to Amy for posting that link to playskool Maximus! I still have my Maximus at my parents house and it was one of my best loved toys as a child. I think i had him when i was about 4. (29 now). I don't know where the box or cards or manual is anymore so seeing the pics on the site was so great!!
I also wanted a Major Morgan though but didn't get one - i think i might buy myself one of ebay.
AmyJane30-Sep-2007, 11:34:09 PM

I bought one of these for my 3 year old daughter back in 1982. She put him in her dolls pram and pushed him round the room while he made loadsa noises.
DYR18-Sep-2007, 12:03:14 PM

musical keypad toy in the shape of a majorette,had cards so that you could play different tunes.
DYR14-Sep-2007, 11:59:10 AM

for all those of you who couldn't remember what the red version of one of these was called, it was "playskool maximus" and you can find out lots of tasty information about it here:
amy06-Jun-2007, 08:16:25 AM

I had a major morgan and loved it!! I'm sure Major Morgan inspired me to be a military musician!!
Cazza25-May-2007, 10:26:26 AM

I had a major morgan when i was 6 years old, im 28 now and i still remember it as clear as day, i absolutely loved it and was so good at playing the tunes that i knew them all off by heart andv didnt need to use the music cards, one day when i was at school my do chewed the head of the major morgan and left teeth marks in it so the next day my mum bought me a brand new one, bless her.
Emma Carter12-May-2007, 10:16:59 AM

I had a Major Morgan one Christmas and remember making my Gran cry on Christmas day by playing 'Smile'! I did love it though - I think I loved anything that played music!
fairynuff21-Mar-2007, 02:36:14 PM

I had a Major Morgan when I was younger and I just found it in a box the other day and it still works but unfortunately all the cards were missing...blame the younger members of my family. It was red, not blue like some of the ones people had.
Ryan08-Mar-2007, 06:55:23 PM

I loved Major Morgan..I still have it in a box somewhere!
Liz08-Feb-2007, 06:59:55 PM

i always loved mine as a child and took it everywhere with me he was my sole mate kater years my mom and i got talking about him and mom and dad brought me one for my 21st (sshhh) and i was over the moon..xx
Nadine08-Feb-2007, 03:55:31 PM

I had a Major Morgan it was my favourite ever Christmas present, although my friends never skipped along behind me as I played it, (like on the advert) it was still the coolest thing ever in my childhood and is the reason I never learn't to sight read music..
Claire06-Feb-2007, 01:45:13 PM

i got major morgan with my little professor, i still have little professor in good working order, but sadly major morgan is no longer with us. It was cool though, with the little cars you slid in with the song on, i liked on top of old smokey.
Andria31-Jan-2007, 10:30:25 PM

I recieved a Major Morgan for my fifth birthday and vividly remember how much I loved playing with it - it was probably one of my favorite toys ever. I even remember my favorite card was the song "Greensleaves." Major Morgan rocked.
Hil19-Oct-2006, 03:15:43 PM

I remember having one when I was little. I was just watching VH1's I love Toys and remembered this one. I loved it and wish there was a way to get one now for my little girl, I don't care if it's "old". I would even play with it too.
Stephanie26-Mar-2006, 09:52:17 AM

I desperately wanted one of these- they had changeable cards in them and looked really cool!
Kez07-Jan-2006, 10:33:56 PM

I had a major morgan and asolutely loved it, I could play all the cards and after a while used to use it without the cards to play stuff I went on to play piano and guitar and reckon I had a lot to thank the old major for
Mat27-Oct-2005, 10:02:24 PM

I had one of these as a little girl, absolutely adored it.
caz18-Oct-2005, 10:07:28 PM

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