Honda Kick N Go Scooter

I remember seeing the Honda Kick N Go in a magazine and wanting it for Christmas. My dad had a Honda Gold Wing and I wanted to be like him. He had to special order it from the Honda dealership in our small town in Mississippi. I have fond memories of riding this scooter and wish that I still had it for my son, who is now 6 years old.

The Honda Motor Company released the Honda Kick 'N Go in 1974. Weighing it at under 135 pounds it was the perfect three-wheeled scooter for children thanks to its lightness.

Kick N' Go was avilable in red, yellow, silver and blue and was owner available through Honda dealers. Rather than move the scooter by kicking off with one foot the scooter was powered by kicking the pedal down, this would power up the gears that would in turn get the rear wheel moving. If you felt like you were going too fast you could slow the Kick N' Go down by activating the handbrake.

A second line of Kick 'N Go was released in 1976 called "Kick 'N Go 2", this was a little larger and they were aimed more towards teenagers. An adult Kick 'N Go - the Kick 'N Go Senior was also made available.

Tragically, Kick 'N Gos ceased production later in 1976 when two small children were killed whilst riding them. All of the products were recalled after it was felt that the scooters were too difficult to control for youngsters.

wendy donges


I have a yellow Kick n Go too! I did not know anyone else that had one when I was little. I had the only one in the neighborhood. Mine is in great shape and my daughter now rides it. She thinks it's cool!
Jenmorg28-Nov-2007, 02:04:57 AM

I remember growing up in suburbia Chicago, ILL. My father came home with this thing, my first memory was "WOW"!!!!!! I spent many days riding my perfect red Kick N Go. I was the only one that had it. Since my adult years, I've asked every one of my friends if they ever had one, nobody has. Now I am looking forward to buying one for my children. It was just a memory of good ole simple times growing up in a cool area.
ADA14-Nov-2006, 06:22:34 AM

my 10 year old has been having a lot of fun on my original silver kick n go
wendy18-Jul-2006, 09:12:03 PM

I remember seeing the Kick N Go commercials on TV. I got a yellow one as a Christmas gift in 1975. I still have it and it is still in very good condition.
bryan13-Mar-2006, 09:57:32 PM

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