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  • Teddy Ruxpin
    I recently discovered that my mom sold my teddy on ebay, WITHOUT ASKING ME!!?!? I was absolutely crushed. I hope whoever got him will love him as much as I did.
  • Wrinkles
    I've still got mine. She was bigger than me at the time, and I always was a little embarrassed by her huge satin grandma panties. Never really got that...wouldn't bloomers have been better? Anyway, fun toy!
  • Petsters
    I had the first generation of this thing, which I STILL can't believe my father bought for me considering the price. (One of the benefits of being a child of divorce.) I believe the first model was twice the size of the later one. This thing made me the star of the neighborhood. It came with me everywhere I went. The plastic on the bottom even wore down from taking it up and down the sidewalk. It took more D batteries than any other toy on the planet, and was almost too heavy for my 6 year old self to pick up!
  • Luv Buds
    I remember asking Santa at my big brother's cub scout meeting for this, and I got 3 of 'em! It cemented my belief in the man right there and then. (I was a total freak about Thumbelina this was right up my alley.)

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