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  • Christmas
    my memories of my chilhood in the 80s were trying to stay awake all night to see if i could hear santa putting the xmas presents under the tree, never got to hear him of course, i always had an alarm clock in my head for 4am in the morning on xmas day for some reason, anyway we'd get up and sprint down the stairs and rip the presents open like there was no tomorrow, we were like wild animals in a zoo lol, but what kid was'nt, i always opened my big present last thats only because my mam and dad used to hide them in the kitchen until id opened the rest of the little presents, i always remember getting a computer (saga master system, snes ect) or a bmx, i always remember getting a raleigh street wolf with a voice control box or something on it with different sounds, those were the best years of my life, never forget them, now i have 2 kids of my own, so now i hope i give my kids the best christmas's they have like i did.

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