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  • Smitty
    Smitty perfume, talc, soaps.... they were around for a while and I remember buying gift sets for my friends at school. It was foul stuff!
  • Tweed
    Just one whiff of Tweed was enough to give me a major headache, my mam used to wear it all the time. Oh, I hated it.
  • Jacobs Montego
    One of mh most vivid childhood memories was biting into a Montego and it was solid chocolate! Oooh, was lush! God knows where the biscuit went!
  • Ipsos
    ooh i loved ipsos - raspberry ones!
  • Cabana Bars
    Wasn't the telly ad a bird who cracked open a coconut and there was the bar in the middle and she said "Cabana" in a breathy voice? I remember that!

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