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  • Bod
    bod was fantastic, it's going to be ......strawberry (the flavour of the milkshake). my 1st goldfish was named after bod
  • Finger Mouse
    hmmm.....i think this may have had the theme tune "yoffy lifts a finger and the mouse is born" I'm mixed up about which was which bob or mouse
  • Fingerbobs
    I loved this as a child...so simple yet genius "yoffy lifts a finger " hmm.... can't remember the rest of the tune
  • The Adventure Game
    nice 1 no one believed me either! the older guy had to see by using an ear trumpet and hear by using his glasses...please bring it back my kids would love this
  • Holly Hobbie
    my favourite childhood toy was a holly hobbie dome shaped house which was covered by her long skirt.I still have the small doll that used to stand proudly in a space at the top.

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