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  • Big John, Little John
    And there's me thinking I was going mad! I'm so glad SOMEONE remembers it! I've asked everyone around my age (37 at time of writing) and no one ever remembers it! I think it was on a Saturday afternoon between the Pink Panther show and the Micky Mouse Club. Playaway was on earlier on BBC2 and we used to catch this BJLJ after the Wrestling on ITV (EASE-AYE!) Good times!!!
  • Splicer Bars
    OMG. They were like Opel Fruits rolled into a sausage shape of the same flavour, then the four sausages were twisted together and ... heh presto ... I give you, the Splicer Bar!!! The jingle went: "Splicer, is nicer it's sweet everytime. Strawberry and Orange, with Lemon and Lime. Bite it, you'll like it And soon you will see. Splicer, is nicer. From Nestle Rowntree." I still remember the jingle! HOW SAD AM I !!! LOL. I thought I was the only person left alive who remembered them! Ha to everyone who thought I was mad!!! Bring back the Splicers!

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