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  • Clackers
    now that i think back ,toy companys would come up with the stupidest things for kids to play with,well we thing so now.kids today would think what da hell wrong with kids then,look what we play with.what they dont know is there wasnt too much too choose from then.no video games,ipods u name it,remember the evel knevil wind up motorcycle,rocken sockem robots,ssp crash up derby sets where the doors and hood would fly off,i miss those days i really do.oh stretch armstrong lol,mccauley
  • Clackers
    i used to play with a set over my uncles house back in the late 70s.it took me some time but i really was good at it.i dont remember any handle,there was a knot in the middle of the string and thats where ya hold it.the colored balls was transparet colors.man they was loud when u got them going.id like to have a old set.mike mccauley

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