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  • Charles of the Ritz
    I also worked for Ritz but in the mid to late 1970s. I worked in Han I tons of Brighton.I still have my badge. We were no longer blending powder by then but I still kept re ords of my customers and what they bought. I loved the products but not so keen on the Ritz perfume, preferred Charivari znd the YSL fragrances. Will always remember the Christmas wrapping with the bells!
  • Charles of the Ritz
    Enigma was always by Alexandra de markoff. Charles of the Ritz bought out Alexandra de Markoff in 1949 and Enigma was added to the product range. I was a Consultant for Ritz in the mid to late 1970s..I was recently able to buy a bottle of the 1970s Enigma but I think they changed the formula sometime in the 1980s after it was sold on to Revlon. You can still find it on Ebay but only buy unopened ones as once a spray has been used, air enters the bottle and it starts to deteriorate.

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