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  • Raleigh Budgie
    well i seem to be the first here. did anyone else begin their biking life on a raleigh budgy? Mine was bright metallic orange with mud guards...
  • Raleigh Strika
    this site is freaky. my past biking life is all here from the Raleigh Budgy, Strika and Bomber - great! I had a black strika and yes it clanked on every pedal stroke - i can hear it now. THey were murder going up hills as you chased pals on their new BMx with long cranks. As i've just mentioned on the bomber page, i have unearthed my old strika from the basement and its in really good condition - i had it for the last 25 years and i got it second hand. I'm off to read the raleigh budgy page now...
  • Raleigh Bomber
    me and my pal had a bommer each in shetland, scotland during the late 80's. he rescued one from a neglected state, restored it with new front forks (interesting to see many comments on these failing!), paint job, stickers and brakes. i bought it from him and he got a newer bommer with 5 speed and in better nik. he always had the better bike!! we toured the village for years on them and they were so comfy - we thought they were the bike equivalent of harley davidsons! they were polished every week with the chrome wheels gleaming. i don't know what he did with his one, but mine has been in our basement for years and was unearthed last night! pumps up the perishing tyres and they held! its due for a trip to the local bike restorer for a full overhaul and hopefully i'll be on the roads again soon. it is much smaller then i remember it though :(

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