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  • Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
    Sonic was definitely the best, lost so many days playing this!!! who remembers Greendog? poor but addictive...
  • Rover SD1
    I brought a 3500 in late 81, bright yellow and fast as ****, it was so comfy and quiet, I loved this car, still pine for it after all these years.....
  • Space Invaders
    Ahh, played this for hours on end, loved the table top versions (with joystick), who remembers counting to maximise spaceship points??
  • The Jam
    Oh wow The Jam! best ever, went to sad final gig at Brighton Centre in 82 with no ticket but they let us all in anyway, Paul although still a class act never reached this peak of songwriting again, hey I recently finished "The Modfather" by David Lines, if you've not read it and you like me lived and breathed The Jam then go for it, many a good memory evoked for me. Thye only band to not put singles on the albums, do you remember? Going Underground/ Strange Town/ When You're Young/ Funeral Pyre etc etc, how many money grabbing no talent bands would do that nowadays??!!
  • G&S Fibreflex Skateboards
    Wow skateboards of the 70's, many a summer spent on the slopes on brighton beach, ah memories, ooh also of a few wipeouts onto concrete!
  • Adventures in Babysitting
    That's right, they changed it to "A night on the town", think i recall this movie so well because of a certain Elizabeth Shue i the babysitter role!!!! :0)
  • Pod shoes
    I found this site via a google search for 80's Pod shoes, they were soooooo comfy, i had bout 3 pairs varying colurs, I want more!!!! c'mon Pod bring em back!

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