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  • Monster Munch
    Just had a text from my brother."Monster Munch are out in Old Skool bags,can't believe it,nearly cried!!!!"I was like,oh,that you just getting them!He lives in bavvck of beyond lol
  • Wham bar
    I got a mega wham bar today.Tastes nothing like the original. tulip
  • Ready Brek Advert
    Bring back butter redy brek!
  • Dewberry Perfume Oil
    Loved this one too.Our School reeked of it.
  • Jontue
    ooh,I loved this perfume,can you still get it?
  • Bone Shakers
    Glad I came here.I remember these too,they were bloomin hard though.
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    I preferred bon accord,which was similar.

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