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  • Flower Fairies
    It was lovely reading all these comments about Flower Fairies. When Hornby were in Trouble (early’80’s) Had been Sindy brand manager at Pedigree for five years.They headhunted me (i refused the job 3 times .. and then got hi jacked in my car and given an offer I could not refuse.) I showed the MD my Cicely Barker first editions and a bunch of chinese silk flowers.. The next three years were dreadful .. no money .. so had to design all of the products myself, all of the pack designs all of the copywriting .. and two Hong Kong trips to do the sourcing. No money .. so got some old art school chums to help me with the Toy Fair Launch displays. Very difficult management .. so did the job and left as fast as I could. Creating Flower Fairies (on the shoulders of Cicely Mary Barker) was not the happiest period of my life. .... but seeing these comments .. retrospectively make it all seem worthwhile. I cleared out most of the Archive (including about a dozen coloured Sindy’s ... Oh Hell! but still have a few original designs and proofs for packs and Publicity. On reflection we came nowhere near doing justice to Barkers exquisite originals ...Apologies to her estate