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  • Travel Fox Trainers
    Found a pair in the loft recently. White ones with green,yellow and black detail. I also had a black pair with the white logo at the heel.
  • Y-Cardigans
    Had a navy blue one with grey and white detail, to go with my grey pleated tweed trousers. The trousers didn't half itch though. Also thought i looked the biz with the y-cardy and waffles combo.
  • Adidas Kick Trainers
    used to go through about three pairs of Adidas KIck a year. Started to pester mum when the heel had worn down to the white bit, eventually wearing down to the black part of the soles. Certainly the rubber bit at the front was always the first bit to go, with numerous fruitless attempts to glue it back. I then moved onto Adidas Mamba then Samba.
  • Rockin' Roller Crisps
    I was a kid in the seventies and i remember the advert; vaguely. I somehow thought they sang "rock, rock, rock, rocknrollers, bet you're gonna wonder how they're called rocknrollers." lol! Now I know the correct lyrics , i can annoy my younger partner - who has no recollection of them - along with other seventies adverts which seem to be lost in time.

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