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  • Global Hypercolor T-Shirts
    i remember in my very early teens (i'm 25 now) having a global hyper colour hat that i pestered my mum in2 buyin me at the airport on our way out on holiday - it was pink and changed 2 purple in the heat - and i thought it was fab - think av got sum pics of it in my old holiday snaps, hahaha, i'm laffin just thinkin bout it, lol x
  • Hooch Alcoholic Lemonade
    god this is bringin back the memories - oh 2 b 14 again lol! i loved the blackcurrant and the apple, but wood also drink the lemon. Can u still get hooch anywhere? It'b b gr8 2 get sum 4 me n ma pals 2 relive our youth.

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