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  • Um Bongo
    The ads were brilliant. Looking back on it now, I expect the drinks were full of fructose, which isn't good for you as too much can make you obese. But still, what is good for you these days which is sweet and tasty?
  • Trio Biscuits
    I want a TRIOOO and I want one now! LOL. Great stuff.
  • Sugar Mice
    Wow, that takes me back. Don't think they exist anymore which is a shame because they're a great stocking filler. Might have to see if I can't see any of these nostalgic sweets on any of the websites I'm looking at so I can buy them all at once.
  • Sherbet Dip-Dab
    I bought one of those from Asda a couple of days ago. Still brilliant! Have to say, it would be so much better if the stick was made of plastic rather than whatever it is made out of, it goes all fuzzy and horrible when you've been sucking on the lolly for ages.
  • Sherbet Fountains
    I don't think the liquorice is or ever was hollow. Though I'm sure you could get hollow liquorice sticks to do that trick. I was never keen on the liquorice, didn't like it too much anyway, used to give it to my friend and then just chug down the sherbet. Mmmm, bliss.
  • Rowntree's Fruit Gums
    Oh yeah! Rowntree's were good. I preffered the pastels because they didn't stick to your teeth so badly or make your jaws hurt so much. Great stuff though!
  • Pink Shrimp Sweets
    I think Marks and Spencers do a version of them. They are the only ones I've seen around lately. Must grab a bag sometime.

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