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  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    All the Huckleberrys mentioned here, and others too, were sold to Wimpy, who in turn were sold to Burger King. From memory, there were Huckleberrys at Upton Park, Oxford Street, Crawley, Portsmouth, Great Portland Street (head office), and Dartford, in addition to the others mentioned on here. Does anyone remeber their fish sandwich? Fresh cod, battered, special sauce in a seeded bread. Much better than filet-o-fish etc.!
  • Wimpy
    Met my wife in a Wimpy in the 1960's, and we are still married! Anyone remember the Shanty? (A fishburger years before mikky D's filet-o-fish?
  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    I used to work for Huckleberry's! Originally it was the U.K. franchise for (wait for it!) Burger Queen (A small U.S.A. chain. I still have a table and chair set in my garden from the Burgerland Cornmarket Street that was converted Huckleberrys Oxford!!! I worked in all the Huckleberrys mentioned here, and there are more too!!

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