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  • Wacky Packages
    http://www.lostwackys.com/Wacky-Packages/2nd-series/d.htm check it out
  • Horror Bags (Smith's Snacks)
    WOW.. I SO LOVED HORROR BAGS... Awesome awesome awesome (Mork calling awesome!) I totally forgot about Bones.. thank you. One flavour smelled like stale wee. Picture on bags: fangs = vampire bones = skeleton bats = bats claws = ??????????? LET`S START A PETITION TO GET THESE BAD BOYS MADE AGAIN!!
  • Outer Spacers Crisps
    I remeber them well! We bought a whole box one christmas - Beefburger flavour. Shaped like a capital letter A. I used to bite the tip, then squeeze the legs together until the shape snapped. HAPPY DAYS!!
  • Double Agents
    http://www.double-agents.co.uk/ chocolate and lime were my favourite so many sweets.... so many fillings!

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