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  • Happy Days
    A big favourite of mine. I don't think the Fonz was meant to be forty-something, more like in his late teens. I always had the impression that he'd been a bit wild but was trying to make good. I was sad to see that Erin Moran (Joanie) recently passed away.
  • The Amazing Mr Blundon
    I love it, loved the book too (The Ghosts by Antonia Barber). I have the film on DVD.
  • Timeslip
    Timeslip was one of my favourite tv programmes. I recently discovered that most, if not all, ofthe series are on YouTube. Fun to watch some of them again.
  • Kunzel Cakes
    My kunzel cakes are a success! As delicious as I remember them being all those years ago. Here's a photo of them on my Flickr photostream
  • Kunzel Cakes
    I loved kunzel cakes. I've looked at this thread before during my quest for a kunzel cake recipe, today I finally got around to experimenting with my own ideas. As I write, the chocolate shells are in the fridge, the sponges are cooling and the buttercream awaits whisking. for this first attempt I chose milk chocolate (good quality), made a genoese sponge and I'm trying german buttercream which I've never made before. I also thought of trying a swiss meringue buttercream; maybe that would be more like the original as the owner of kunzel cakes was from Switzerland. I used a smooth sided silicon friand mould to make the chocolate cups - the most fiiddly part. If I make them again I'll probably buy ready made chocolate cups. I'll let you know what they taste like.