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  • Space Dust
    To get that Space Dust feeling again try a 'Crunchie - Ice cream lolly' it has space dust (or similar) embedded in the chocolate coating of the ice cream - as you eat it you can feel it crackling away in your mouth.
  • Birds Eye Crispy Cod Fries
    Yes, we used to love crispy cod fries when we were young, I think it was the batter that tasted so nice - the soft inside bit between the moist fish and the crispy outside - Yum! I also remember something called 'Omelette Mate' (or something like that) it came in a tin the same size as 'Toast Toppers' and you added it to your beaten eggs and it turned it into a Spanish omelette - there may have been other flavours too. really quick and easy - tasty too. It would be good to see these back on the shelves

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