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  • The Famous Five
    hi , i was in the famous 5 club and now in the enid blyton society for all blyton fans . its great and has a great website --you can find it on google .sue
  • I-Spy Books
    hi , its great to hear that so many i-spyers are still about and wish the books were still around . michelin have them at present but have no publisher at present so no books available . they seem to be dragging their feet so WHY DON`T WE ALL get on to michelin and and put the pressure on them big time to get them to hurry up and get a new publisher for the books cos we want`em and when do we `em NOW ! Email; . lets bombard michelin now ! sue
  • I-Spy Books
    hi , has anyone got any i-spy books for sale ,could you send me a list of what you have plus badges,,membership certificates etc. thanks sue webster 38 avion close highgate road walsall west midlands ws1 3jf . also any one know the history of i-spy as i`d like to iclude that in my next i-spy rangers page on our church website. anyone know where i could find an i-spy rangers badge and rule book ,plus the i-spy membership and code book . cant afford much as i`m a student ,not at work . thanks .
  • I-Spy Books
    i1m doing a poster to commemorate the 60th year of i--spy and want to put pictures of all the ispy badges on it . i dont have the very first 2 badges and was wondering if anyone has these badges i could buy or have photo copies of them --they are the daily mail i-spy club and the one before that . i have all the others . if you can help i`d be so grateful , tel 01922 629547 . thanks from sue webster uk`s no.1 i-spyer!
  • I-Spy Books
    hi felixtowe, just seen that you have found adaily mail i-spy club badge ! excellent ! may i buy it from you or if you dont want to sell it could you photo copy it for me as i1m designing a special poster to celebrate the 6oth anniversary of when i--spy books were first printed and i-spy started. i want to put pictures if all the ispy badges on the poster and i have them all except the one you have and another before it . thanks for your help . if anyone else knows where i can get a pic of the other badge i`d be grateful from sue webster (38 avion close highgate road walsall west midlands ws1 3jf .

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