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  • Baby Talk
    ..does anyone know if they made an ethnic version of baby talk?
  • Baby Talk
    my lil sis had this doll,her dad brought it 2 days after it was in the shops here in the uk,i really wanted one,but didnt get one!! i managed to get one that had never been removed from the box,its even got the little plastic eye covers and hairnet.its fantastic,i got it from the states,it wasnt cheap,and i didnt know about customs taxes..but it was worth every penny,xx
  • Tiny Tears
    my first tiny tears doll was given to me when i was 3 1/2(1975),by my first foster parents daughter,i treasured it,making nappies out of hankies, its 'bottle' was a glass nose drops applicator,with a black rubber top,(the originals were long gone!)i had several tiny,s over the years,all different,hair,eyes or outfits,i lost intrest aged about 14.(and got rid!)im now 38,and a vintage doll collector.i have almost all the tiny/teeny tiny dolls in the original outfits,my favourite has to be the 3 piece rosebud outfit,which came in pink or blue,for all 3 size's of dolls,i have tiny and teeny tiny,in both colours,and have managed to get the pink set for teeny weeny...now just looking for the doll..i think ill call it day when i find one.. ;-)x

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