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  • Carling Black Label
    PS If any one finds the wheel chair commercial please email me, I am not hard to find, from the Bulaquo web sites to the IMDB... I also double Grif Reece Jones in the Holston commercials, and Simon Le Bonne in all his videos .... must have been mad
  • Carling Black Label
    I did many of the CBL adverts as the stunt man and stunt coordinator, from surfing to being dropped in a green pool of gunk... and yes there was a rollacoster one. It was done at Margate and I shall not even forget going round that on a wheel chair..... the bogies that held me on (not that it made it any easier a ride) were the idea I used to design the surf board rig, with a sharks fin up through the floor and a universal joint to the surf board ..... I am now directing, and just gone back to those heady years directing Status Quo in the rollacoaster film Bula Quo shot in Fiji ... all the old gags over again...

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