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  • Thriller
    Thriller holds a cult status for me because I watched the original screenings 1973-1976 aged 9-12 at a time when you are most impressionable and able to be frightened. Ladybramble has probably nailed one of the best episode, Somebody at the Top of the Stairs screened April 1973 and the second episode of the first series. Also one of Brain Clemmens personal favourites. Not the best plot perhaps but superb on atmosphere. In a large creepy house she alludes to one of the student lodgers, Donna Mills, being spied on whilst in the bathroom. It turns out to be the young boy living in the house who is then reprimanded by his parents in front of Mills. However, as soon as their door is closed on Mills the three of them break out into disturbing laughter whilst the perplexed Mills is left in the hall listening on. Indeed all the other lodgers except Mills and fellow student (who Mills shares the room with) are weird to put it mildly. The best series ever on UK television IMO. Big on atmosphere, some very clever plots (indeed it just goes to show how poor modern script writers are and how low they on imagination). But best of all you get the real flavour of the 1970s, a very weird decade, perfect backdrop for the disturbing narratives. The titles music is very disturbing, and the various houses shown through a distorted convex lens at the start is also etched on my conscience forever.

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