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  • Raleigh Chopper
    yes i used to have it in the 70s! it was so cool to ride it with mirrors.ariel with flags at the back of the seat!!!!!aslo lots of front lights!!! was wicked to ride it!
  • Raleigh Grifter
    yes i remember tht bike tht i get for xmas! but it was heavy to ride it and aslo the seat make me uncomfortable cos of foam!!! it very popular in these hey day of grifter!!!
  • The Jam
    yes i used to play 45s single record of the jam back in the 80s when i was a mods! what a lovely mods group to play for us...still have tht albums,singles record......
  • Mods
    i remember the mods who based in nottingham town centre in the 80s at broadmarch centre...alway fighting with rockers!!! aslo we were with scooter boys cos they are hard!!! it was over about 30 mods every sat morning til pm!!! plus going to king john pub after that!! it was gud memories!!!

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