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  • Penny Puppywalker
    I had a penny puppy walker for my 6th Birthday i was so happy to get her that i carried her all the way around chester zoo. I also had a pair of red and yellow mules. I love looking at the photos from that day, especially as my grandparents are on them too. Happy days.
  • Hubbly Bubbly
    Ah hubbly bubbly, my dad used to take me for a walk on a sunday afternoon whilst mum cleaned up and made dinner and we would sometimes call into the working mens club at the end of our street and i would have a bottle of hubbly bubby and a traffic light lolly!! lovely memories.
  • Kizzy
    I thought i was the only person to remember Kizzy, everyone i've asked just gives a vacant stare. I was beginning to think i dreamt the whole thing up. I loved watching Kizzy, nice to know shes remember by someone else

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