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  • Summer of 1976 (UK)
    I spent the Summer at my grandparents' home in Wimbledon, getting my first taste of England (grew up in Connecticut, USA). During the tennis matches, the queue would extend down their street, and people were passing out from the heat, left and right. My wonderful grandparents did not let the heat slow them down one bit - they took me all over London, and made trips to Stratford, Devon, and Salisbury. I remember a photo of a lanky teenage me standing in front of one of the menhirs of Stonehenge, when one could go right up to them.
  • Raleigh Chopper
    What a great bike this was! I had a blue 5-speed in the mid 70's, and no idea of how lucky I was to have this weird bike. It was style, form over function all the way. Speed not so much, but the long handlebars made for good sprint times, as you crank side to side, standing up, from the starting line to the finish line. Take it anywhere far, though, and it tired you out. If you were willing to push it, though, my Chopper was an off-road champ compared to anything else available at the time. Many great hours riding up and down trails, taking jumps few others dared.

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