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  • Dusty The Airline Stewardess
    there must have been a TV ad for her - as I sing Dusty the Jet Setting Girl everytime I have spoken about her since - its been a fews years ahem !
  • Dusty The Airline Stewardess
    I thank you too - was beginning to think that I had made her up ! On Christmas day her plane was all wrapped up under the tree and my dad said it was a bird cage, I was very excited then remember opening it up and thinking glad it is not a bird cage - Dusty had 3 outfits and I wish I still had her but she is worth a fortune now with all her accessories
  • dusty the jet setting girl
    I had one of these and when I talk about it now nobody remembers her at all - I thought she was the British Airways Doll but might have made that up - but she was ace - i had the hawaiian outfit and she also had a snow suit and ski's - as well as her trolley dolly suit too with high heels - anyone got a photo !!

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