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  • Catweazle
    Not quite old enough to remember Catweazle yet just bought the first series on DVD and cried/laughed most of the way through!. Love the point that anonymous poster described Catweazle: 'he referred to modern technology in his own fashion, ie: telling-bone & elec-trickery. I'd quite happily sit through every single episode all over again! *sigh*'. I vaguely associate Catweazle with them public-warning commercials about the dangers of elec-trickery and fire-whizzing-rockets at bonfire night!. Geoffrey first appeared in Dr.Who as one of the doctors yet can't recall when and in which year (1968/9) or thereablouts, yet always remember him in Worzel Gummidge as the old nagging crowman who regularly had a pop at Worzel for his dreamy fascination of weddin the cake-monster eating aunt-sally.
  • Speak & Spell
    What has happened to my spelling and grammar here - cannot edit and SS bot not around to help me.
  • Speak & Spell
    I yearned for one of these speak and spell hand-bot language bobbies yet not yet launched in the nationwide Avon or what-eva new gimmick prime domestic catalogues were around back then that my mum had an odd casual allegiance. I still wish for one now even though I am well versed in obtrusive modern Middle English. How odd can this be?.
  • Baby Skates
    I recall seeing one of these on a commercial and thought long and hard about why it might be cool to have one, other than to see it overtake a passenger coach on the B42 -

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