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  • Mountain bikes
    My 1'st mountain bike was a Raleigh Maverick I think it had 18 gears and it (seemed like)it weighed a ton! It was great on the hills and around the woods near where i lived but i never tried it on a mountain!!!
  • BMX bikes
    I had 2 BMX's in the 80's, 1'st was a blue and yellow Burner. I had to get the b&y cause my mate had the red and yellow one. I later customised it with 'mag wheels' and a 'lay back' seat post not to mention 2 finger brake levers and 'mushrooms' grips etc, etc, etc!!! My 2nd BMX I won in a Dr Pepper competition, it was an Ammaco Team Special! It had 'cromoly' tubing and 'shimano dx' brakes etc. As not many people had heard of Ammaco I peeled off all the stickers and replaced them with Sky Way's instead!
  • Girl's World
    My mate Lee had a Girls World that HE shared with HIS sister. They played Love Alot Beauty Parlour and HE did the make up while she did the hair! He's 37 now, and won't like that i've told this story AGAIN!!! d:-)

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