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  • Biarritz Drink
    Great to see some people that remember it so fondly ! What I'd give for a few of them later today !!!
  • Bayko builder kits
    Well done that roysie.....No water soluble mortar was in Bayko...I still have a super large set of Bayko in mint condition...I have loads from the "red roof and green windows era" and TONS from the later "green roof and yellow windows" era...wasn't it great ?!
  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who started in 1963, I was 10 years old. It was incredibly well written for those days, and incredibly exciting...One of my absolute favorite moments during episode 1 was, "let me get this straight, a thing standing in a junk yard, that looks like a police box, and can move anywhere in time and space" ? This was spoken by Ian the school teacher of Susan, the Doctors granddaughter...the Doctor's reply was, "quite so, quite so"...How exciting IS THAT !
  • Biarritz Drink
    Another Biaritz please, I am 18 honestly I am...
  • rockers
    Rockers were bikers from around the late 50's onward...Remember the "Mods and Rockers" from that great film "Quadrophenia".....I was a rocker, I still am in many ways. I have a 1972 650 Triumph Bonneville, and I (we) still go to Status Quo gigs !
  • Biarritz Drink
    It wasn't bitter.....BRING IT BACK !!!
  • Wimpy
    Love the dahn tahn.....My daft mum would pronounce the word derby as though durby.....I told her again and again how to say it.....PS, she still says less av a brown durby.....(82 years old)

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