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  • Baby Alive
    My cousin Caroline had a Baby Alive. I'm a guy, and had a sister and three girl cousins so I got to secretly play with all their dolls. I remember us mixing the pink food for her and feeding it to her in my aunty Nan's kitchen then waiting for her to poop her nappy while we played with ny other cousins Penny Puppy Walker doll (loved that doll too). Brilliant memories of school holidays and innocent times.
  • Space Hoppers
    I was about three when I wrote to Santa to ask for a space hopper. In Scotland, we posted our letters to Santa by getting our parents to throw them in the heat above a roaring coal fire on Christmas eve (a magical way to reach Santa as this was where he would come down in the night). I remember waking up next morning and finding a tub of bubbles under my pillow, then looing up and seeing the bright orange lion face staring at me from the Wembley box. Rode that thing for years later to the shops, to the park etc until eventually the valve gave out. My cousin had Rupert bear hopper where you held Rupert's arms, and I seem to remember a Noddy and Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck version s too. I really want to get an adult space hopper now, even at 49, but it has to be the original orange one with the horns and face otherwise its not really my space hopper.
  • Rotadraw
    I got my first Rotadraw when I was around 4. Ended up with the Magic Roundabout, Wombles, Rupert bear, and I believe I had a Disney Robin Hood set too. Spent hours making these. I live in the US now, man moons from Dunfermline in Scotland but I have managed to pick up several sets just for mu own enjoyment. I would love some of my original UK sets back. I also teach special needs kids whom I have introduced many of my 70s toys too because those toys were so interactive and rewarding. They love the simplicity and the satisfaction about finding the surprise picture. Rock on Rtadraw, and rock on 70s kids (the best and most free time to grow up in).

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