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  • Cyborg, Muton and Android
    Wow, I'm amazed at the number of people on the web who actually remember these toys!! I also had the Muton figure, I thought it was so cool that you could see all his guts, brain etc! My folks were never well off financially, but in retrospect they somehow managed to do a great job of getting me the most awesome toys. My friend had the Android, and later traded it to me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure quite what happened to Muton and the Android, they got broken/dissassembled and eventually lost over the years; I managed to hold onto Muton's snake hand for a long time afterward, but it is alas now also gone. I guess I should have been better at keeping hold of all that stuff- still have my Palitoy Millennium Falcon from 1978 though :) Scottishbloke

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