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  • Marathon Bar
    What an excellent marketing coup!! Rebrandish the s******* as Marathon in the U.K and the sales will, no doubt, go through the roof! Come on Mars give it a go! You might be surprised
  • Golden Wonder Ringos
    Absolutely loved Ringos,they were right tasty,especially cheese n'onion! It's a shame Golden Wonder went down the pan! R.I.P
  • Bovril Crisps
    loved anything produced by Smiths -Salt n'shake(classic),Monster munch(legend),Chipsticks(moreish),Bovril crisps(very tasty). Bring 'em back!!
  • Haunted House Ice Lollies
    I've just been blasted from the past!!!! Thanks for the memory! I'd completely forgotten about these.
  • Monster Munch
    Long live Monster Munch! Used to eat them by the bucket load when I was young.Problem is,I've started eating them by bucket load again!! Smith's Crisps used to make them not far from where I lived in Swansea! Would like to see the 'saucy' flavour brought back though.
  • Banjo chocolate bars
    Absolutely loved banjos! They must be brought back.Both hazelnut and cocconut flavours were yummy! A campaign must be started.
  • Nutty Bar
    Loved Nutty bars, but everyone I ask can't remember them!!! bring 'em back! Please !!!!!!

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