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  • Belle and Sebastian
    Yes, I reem,ber it from the late 60's when I was about 5 or 6. It was French cubbed int oEnglish and Sebastien was the most beautiful little boy with a sad face and great big eyes. Almost as pretty as the dog! It had a very haunting theme tune. I also remember White Horses, Robinson Crusoe and the Flashing Blade - FB was great and had the best theme tune "We've got to fight for what is right, to live the way we please...." Ah, great memories : )
  • The Kids from 47A
    Yes, I remember it! I loved it : )It broadcast from 1973-74 (first series) and you can buy a DVD on Amazon. There's info about in Wikipedia. The eldest sister was played by Christine McKenna went on to star in Flambards.

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