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  • Live Aid
    I remember wanting to stay in that day to watch the entire event but my mum and dad weren't having any of it and I was told I could only watch a bit. I saw Status Quo's set but I didn't know who they were and I wasn't all that impressed with what I was hearing so I decided to go to a summer roaadshow which my local radio station had organised instead. It's hard to believe that while most of the world was tuned into this historic event, I was standing in a park with about thirty other people listening to 'Atmosphere' by Russ Abbott wondering if I'd made the right decision! I was allowed to see a bit of the Philadelphia feed later that night but that's all I really remember about Live Aid.
  • Smax
    I loved Smax. I bought them every day from the school tuck shop but I changed primary school and never saw them again. Nobody I've asked remembers them.
  • Hammer House of Horror
    The series was originally transmitted in 1980 but I didn't see it until the following year when ITV broadcast it late on Monday nights during the summer holidays. The most memorable episode for me was 'The House That Bled To Death'. Who could forget that gory birthday party scene? My friend and I loved 'Hammer House...'. We'd pretend the tenement building we stayed in was haunted. It was an old Victorian building, dark and atmospheric with spiral stairs. The slightest breeze would make the lightbulb rattle above us which made for a perfect setting. It was a great series and it had the scariest theme tune ever!
  • Charlie's Angels
    I was always Sabrina although not by choice. I wanted to be Kelly but my friend wouldn't play unless she was. It was always the same with her. Whenever we recreated scenes from the Hanna Barbera cartoon 'Godzilla', guess who was Godzooky, the one no-one took seriously? I think I should've been a bit more assertive.

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