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  • Vesta curries
    I grew up eating actual curries so I have never tried Vesta, but in the 80's, most people generally did not eat Indian food and barely knew what it was. My mum (an English woman who learned to cook Indian food from my Father) cooked the most fantastic Indian, Delhi-style food I have ever eaten - I still yearn for it now, my Mum is no longer with us - Dal, Spinach with lamb in it, Pullao (rice with bony chunks of lamb and whole spices, cooked in what is known as 'yakni' - lamb broth stock) and lovely chappatis, I have never eaten better Indian food in any Indian restaurant or otherwise, and never will. I was spoiled in that way, very lucky!!
  • Monster Munch
    I loved Monster Munch and all crisps in the 1980's and I still do - I still buy Monster Munch and the ones called Skips (sometimes called by other names, not Skips). Great to see them still going, and I am glad it is not just me having 80's nostalgia attacks, not that I was any happier then than I am now, but I was a child and teenager in the 1980's and I wish I could go back in time. Long live this lovely website!! And I bought Michael A Johnson's book, A 1980s Childhood, which is what brought me to this website.

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