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  • Jetpack
    it was also smashing on the Vic20, which i had. got really far, but now, playing it again on the XBOX360 of all places (it's downloadable in the xbox live arcade) i find i am truly rubbish...
  • Ghostbusters
    I love this too...My friend over the road had the C64 (we only had the Vic20 so had to make do with Gorf and Blitz..) and i always used to hassle him to play Ghostbusters. don't forget the little bouncing ball when singing along to the theme tune Mulletino ;o)
  • Raleigh Strika
    oh yeah, mine was the Silver one, which i thank my lucky stars for, because my mate had the green one and the pedal back brake meant that he had to put his feet up when 'free wheeling' down hill and risk a massive tumble every time he tried to get his feet back on the pedals at the bottom. You'll know what i mean if you had one of them! Happy dayzzzz
  • Raleigh Strika
    I had one of these fellas..It was, as previously mentioned, totally indestructible. My mates and i used to set up ramps with some bricks and plywood and jump over each other on our bikes. Bl**dy crazy looking back! I was about 7 years old, jumping over 3 or 4 people lying down on the TAMAC PAVEMENT on my Strika! Yes, we used to come off a lot but that was part of growing up. Kids today, they don't know they're born etc etc.

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