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  • Quints
    I have the blond dolls, the playground, the spring outfits and the vanity.
  • Fazz
    I never had this, but I remember it because I have an old tape with the commercial for Fazz on it.
  • Sticklebricks
    I like to play with these, we use to have a bucket full in my first grade class.
  • Alphie
    I have one. I love for it to play music and games with me and when I got the answer right I would say "I got a shiny face!" I wish I would've gotten another set of cards to put in him since I was getting bored with the set I had. My little cousin use to play with my Alphie in 1995 and call it Alpha like the robot in Power Rangers.
  • C.U.T.I.E.
    I have CUTIES. I liked them and when they were going out of style you could get a set of 10 for 99 cents. I use to also get the 4 packs. They had fun themes like music and exercise.
  • Mother Goose
    My neighbor had one and a Teddy Ruxpin too. She really like the Mother Goose more because it reminded her of her deceased grandmother.
  • Snap It Beads (Pop Beads)
    I use to get a big bag of them. I had 2 sets a pastel set and a neon set. I use to make a really big strand and wrap it around my neck like 3 times

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