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  • Vita Wheat
    Yes I do but I dont think it was out very long. Either that or Ie only got a vague memory of it.
  • Mivvi Ice Creams
    My sister used to love these. Its nice that they make something similar now even though it isnt as
  • United Biscuits
    They made them in orange and mint too I think. Used to be my treat whenever I went to Upton Park to see West Ham UNITED play as that was a day out for me.
  • Rowntree's Fruit Gums
    Agreed Marks. They tasted more fruity then. But does anyone remember the boxes? All those shaped fruits? I loved the red and black ones and a box of those always made my Christmas. They were very expensive........dread to think how much they would be now but I do miss them so much
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    my hubby is 13 years younger than me so he doesnt remember them but I really loved them. I was the kid in the playground no one wanted to play with but I looked forward to getting my potato I can only remember ready salted but yes maybe we shoud petition
  • Energen Rolls
    Wish we could have them again. Would be great for my
  • Tressy Doll
    Yes I remember her. I used to save all my pennies to get her outfits.........Those were the

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