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  • Alice Cooper
    I first got into Alice Cooper when i accidently found the Love it to Death albumn.I was completly hooked since then,Killer has to be the best rock lp they made,although my favourite AC track is My Stars on the Schools Out disc.After Muscle of Love the band split because they wanted to be taken seriously without the stage act and Alice insisted it was what the band was all about.Alice Cooper himself then went into a spiral of alchol abuse,he even admits that he cant remember making 2 lps in the early 80s,He made a tremendous comeback with Trash but is fading again.Seen him last year in Glasgow and he played only the early stuff which was magnificent.I will always Remember the Coop.
  • American Civil War Trading Cards
    I do remember collecting these cards,for some reason i remember one of the cards had some soldiers getting eaten by alligators whilst fighting in Florida.They were very bloodthirsty indeed.

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