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  • Pay-phones
    The boxes were cream coloured in Hull, sometimes with the window beadings in green.
  • Sherbet Fountains
    Still readily available, but in plastic tube which spoils the fun, but probably much more hygienic.
  • Walnut Whips
    The old ones were produced with a true spiral of chocolate, which meant sometimes you got a really thick bit of chocolate. The ones today are a pale imitation being produced by a mold. Oh, and much smaller!
  • Cheese And Pineapple Hedgehog
    Must have the orange hedgehog base wrapped in tin foil for a classy buffet. That's what me old ma did. Also cheese with pickled onion for added choice.
  • Lucozade
    Yes I only got it while ill. The stuff today does not quite taste the same, maybe it is different today, or maybe things just taste different when you are ill.

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