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  • Ronco Adverts
    I do remember the Ronco buttoneer, a hand held gadget that sews buttons onto your clothes. And also the record cleaner, which is ment to clean your vinyl Lps, by inserting your Lp between two rotating bits of foam/foil but actually wrecked them by scratching them to bits. what a great christmas gift!!
  • Spangles
    Spangles, another great childhood memory! like tunes but with that slight fizzyness and really well flavoured wrapped in wax wrappers. I loved the orange ones! If they did bring them back they probably wouldnt taste or look the same. anyway!!
  • Talking Head Dolls
    Talk-up dolls by mattel came also in Mickey Mouse, Daisy&Donald Duck and Casper the Ghost, I have the brunette doll who say's "Here comes my body" they are currently reaching prices of about 15 pounds on ebay at the moment. I agree they are great and my daughter is fascinated by them!
  • Catweazle
    I have just recently bought the complete second series on dvd of catweazle to re-live my childhood and show my kids how great kids tv was back then!
  • Whirly Wheelers
    I really want to find this very much loved game. My grandparents bought me whirly wheelers for xmas and by boxing day all the adults had taken over (placing bets on who would win). Great fun watching the cyclists legs peddle hard round the track!
  • Bean Bag Baby Matchbox Doll
    I loved these little dolls. The orignals from the 70's are called Pierino Matchbox Beany Doll,made in Hong Kong. They come in a little box replica of a matchbox,the dolls came in various colours with little bobble hats. i managed to get one off ebay complete with its box.
  • Curse of the Cobra
    I too had this game, really scarey. I recently spoke of this game to my 7yr old son who now desperately wants one! wish i had kept it now!

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