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  • Armchair Thriller
    Dose anyone also remember Hammer house of Horror It came out 2 or3 years after Armchair thriller but did not scare me i would have been about 10 at the time and this was showen later after 9pm I was allowed to stay up as it was at weekends, maybe itv had iernt by then.
  • Roadmaker
    I had this got it for Christmas when I was about 4 alssssso got some Matchbox 1.75 cars for it, I can remember my brother puting has clockwork train set on it to create a combinde transport system. a grate toy for those with a fleet of Matchbox 75s/ corgi junners with plenty of road sections street signs and a card footbridge.
  • The Bangles
    The bangles were defintley a girl band thet were above all otheres. not only were they graet musitions but extremly sexy especily Susannah
  • Smiths Tubes
    i kiked these and for a short wile they did a mexican spice flavour lovley.
  • Monster Munch
    Beef flavour good,Pickled onion good, but after having a packet of bacon on my way home from school the tast stayed in my mouth for the rest of the day and have not had any since. I think they replaced bacon with flaming hot flavour.
  • Finders Keepers
    There was also a show with Richard Stillgo with the same name but was a bit like battle ships.
  • VCRs
    My First VCR was a Panasonic GV40B(I think) it had a bar code scanner for programming and a card of different bar codes for date and time etc.

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