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  • Judas Priest
    For me,THE best metal group of their day,loved all of their tracks,saw them live on many occasions,LOUD & PROUD.As for messages from the devil if played backwards,what twaddle.!
  • Hawkwind
    Saw Hawkwind many a time,they WERE great but changed their style a bit TOO much after about "Church of Hawkwind" era.Still listen to their earlier stuff.
  • Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Great group,sadly missed,by the way it was Fanfare for the Common Man not theme.
  • Blondie
    Liked Blondie from their first single,Denis,really fantastic,still looks good at 70 years old & sounds just bas good.
  • Bachman Turner Overdrive
    F F F F Fantastic group,I must have most of their L/Ps.Still missed.
  • Danger Man
    Despite what a lot of people say,(including Pat himself,RIP,) my wife & I still believe that The Prisoner followed on from Danger Man.Both were splendid series.Six of One Convention held annually at Portmeirion,North Wales.
  • Chipmunk Crisps
    Hi,yeah I remember Chipmunk crisps,oxo flavour,REALLY strong.Like Ady I used to have a packet after I had been swimming at Southampton Baths with the club I was in.Quite honestly the BEST crisps I have ever eaten.Oh the memories !! Dave Nash now residing in Wrexham.P/S I'm now 60 yrs old but can taste them even now writing this