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  • Toyah
    Toyah's Thunder in the Mountains was my first-ever 45 single. Total rubbish, but I thought it was seriously cool back then.
  • Soft Cell
    Soft Cell were incredible, but all that anyone ever remembers is Tainted Love. "What about Torch?" I say, and all I get is blank faces. It got to number 2, for heaven's sake! For some reason I can still remember hearing Torch in the car with my mum when we were on our way to an aquarium shop. Strange memory, but 30 years on it's still as clear as day. I had Soft Cell's Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret VHS but I don't think I'd have been allowed it, had my folks known about the dwarves and Soho stuff.
  • Skid Row
    I didn't get into Skid Row until the days of Slave to the Grind etc, but what a band. I saw them play a few times, including a one-off show at the (sadly gone) Astoria, where I stood outside in the pouring rain all day and they came on stage so late that I missed the last tube home. Much better than Bon Jovi and the like, just a shame they didn't get the same level of fame.
  • Daley Thompson's Decathlon
    This was just the best game ever. We used to hammer the hell out of my brother's ZX Spectrum all the time and we played it at the arcades when we were on holiday. I'd love to see it back.

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