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  • Vesta curries
    Yes that was one of my favourites too!!! I also loved the Chow Mein with the Crispy noodles and can still buy it even here in Spain and also the Paella (nice) and the Beef Curry we can get here. My brothers fave was the Cop Suey. I remember when i had my first Chow Mein from a Cjhinese,it was completely different and i was dissapointed as the Vesta one was nicer.
  • Kunzel Cakes
    We used to have these for sunday tea sometimes. There was 4 in the box. I always had the orange one with the little jelly orange slice on, my brother had the pink one with the red jelly diamond on, my mom and nan had the beige one with the chocolate button on and the lemon one with the jelly lemon slice on. Never been anything to beat them since although i bet they would be quite expensive to buy these days because of the chocolate shells.
  • Kunzel Cakes
    Oh yes i remember the Kunzel cakes when i was a Kid. There was 4 in the box we always had,as there was always 1 each. There was an orange one with an orange jelly slice on(my fave),pink one with a red jelly diamond on that my brother always had,a lemon one with a lemon jelly slice on and the beige one with the chocolate button on that my nan and mom had.

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