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  • Mary Quant Daisy Doll
    I loved my Daisy doll more than Sindy!!! She came in a trendy yellow hot pants and halter neck top suit. I had different outfits for her - my favourite being a pair of jeans and a red & white checked shirt. I always wanted to dress like Daisy! :) I remember having the Daisy Mobile Home - it was much better than the Sindy Caravan. Sindys caravan was made from a sort of "hard board" with a slide off roof so you could play. Everything was just painted on the hard board with the odd bit of furniture. Daisys van was plastic, with lots of little bits to play with like a solid plastic stereo! The sides of the van used to lift up and there were pink plastic poles to hold it up. I loved Daisy - wish I still had her :)
  • Sindy
    My Sindy doll had dark hair in a sort of short matted curly at the ends style. she wore a short sleeved yellow jumper and a yellow and brown checked skirt. her legs bent funny at the knees. I had a nurses outfit for her - really old fashioned now - the dress, the blue cape that crossed across her chest to hold it on and the white head scarf thing. My nan used to knit her some cracking clothes lol. I particuarly remember the yellow and brown knitted trousers, jumper and bobble hat :)
  • Here Come The Double Deckers
    I used to love the Double Deckers. I can remember being ill once from school and lying on the sofa watching an episode where Doughnut went down a slide into a "play room" and stuffed himself with doughnuts :) :)
  • Play Away
    "It really doesn't matter if its raining or its fine, just as long as you've got time for P L A Y, play away play away play away play away ............" What saturday afternoons were made for :)
  • Educating Marmalade
    this was one of my favourite tv shows as a child. didn't she spend some time in space as well, or am I dreaming that one? :)
  • Rubik's Snake
    I had one of these, I loved it :)
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    I remember the alpine man. Mum called him "the pop man". He used to come on Friday afternoons. Some weeks nan used to say "you can have the money back off the pop bottles kids" and we used to ask the pop man for the cash rather than have it taken off the pop and make ourselves about 5p!!!!!!! We had lemonade, orangeade, limeade, coke and a pineapple flavour. I remember trying Dandelion and Burdock and hated it - have never been able to try that flavour since!!!!!!!! Ginger was also vile. We used to love the pop man - Friday afternoons were very exciting :)

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