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  • Cabbage Patch Dolls
    hi,i remember getting my cabbage patch kid was it 84/85 i'd seen 'game for a laugh that night' matthew kelly was over in america and they had these cpkids in hospital!!!i thought thats it i want one!!mine had ginger ponys, a grey tracksuit,trainers and the nappy.i sent of the official birth certificate of course!!brill i even went to boots with my mam and bought those newborn nighties for her to sleep in in her cot at the side of my bed,like my real baby.mad or what?
  • Victoria Plum
    forgot to add! ive been searching for 4 months at car boots!! i had the d cover,curtains,books and lots of her stuff has a kid (i'm 31 now)i wish i would've saved them.hope somebody can help.xx
  • Victoria Plum
    hi,i remember her i love her and just done out my little baby girls bedroom with v.plum stuff would anybody like to sell me a duvet cover or curtains,when they are done? let me know on here thankyou.x

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